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Configuring Station Template (J-Web Procedure)

To configure templates using J-Web:

  1. Select Configure>Convergence Services >Station Template.

    The Station template configuration page appears. Table 231explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click one:
  3. Click one:

Table 231: Station Template Configuration Page



Template name

Displays the station template name.


Displays the type of station template.

Details of Station Template


Displays the name of the station template selected.


Displays the parameters selected in the station template.

Table 232: Add Station Template Configuration Details

Field Function Action

Template name

Specifies the station template name.

Enter the name of the station template.

Caller id transmit

Specifies the caller ID information configured for this parameter that is routed to all called parties.

Caller ID transmit is enabled by default. However, if it is disabled in a template that is applied to the station, caller ID information configured for the station is not transmitted.

Class of restriction

Specifies the types of calls that can be made from the station; for example, local calls and long-distance calls.

By default, intra-branch and emergency calls are always allowed.


Specifies the templates for analog stations.

Click for analog template.


Specifies the template for sip stations

Click for SIP template.


Voice activity detection

Specifies the number of packets sent when calls are idle.

Select the options ON or OFF

Comfort noise generation

Specifies the comfort noise generation transmitted instead of tones when a call is pending or placed on hold and when the parties are not speaking.

Select the options ON or OFF



Specifies the tone detection to enable calling features based on digit identification or tones generated by other analog devices or the PSTN.

The default tone is rfc-2833.


The following codec options are available:

  • G711-MU
  • G711-A
  • G729AB

Select one of the codec options.

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