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Configuring the Media Gateway (J-Web Procedure)

To configure the media gateway using the J-Web interface:

  1. Select Configure >Convergence Services >Media Gateway .

    The Media gateway configuration page appears. Table 235 explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click one of the following in the list pane:
  3. Click one:

Table 235: Media Gateway Configuration Page



Media gateway name

Displays the media gateway name.


Displays the details of the media gateway name.

Details of the Media Gateway


Displays the name of the selected media gateway.


Displays the details of the selected media gateway.

Table 236: Add New Media Gateway Configuration Details

Field Value Action

Media gateway

Specifies the media gateway name.

Enter the name of the media gateway.


Specifies the transport used for the SIP protocol:UDP, TCP or TLS.

Enter the transport value. The default transport is UDP.

Port number

Specifies the number used for the communications endpoint for the SIP protocol.

Enter the port number. The default port is 5060.

Call Server

Specifies the peer call server name.

Enter the call server name.


Specifies the configuration for the routing of calls.

Enter the dial plan.


Specifies the service point for the services gateway.

Enter the zone.

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