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Using J-Web for Antispam Monitoring

View antispam statistics using J-Web as follows:

  1. Select Monitor>Security>UTM>Anti Spam.

    The following information becomes viewable in the right pane.

    user@host > show security utm anti-spam status
    SBL Whitelist Server:
    SBL Blacklist Server:
    DNS Server:
    Primary :, Src Interface: ge-0/0/0
    Secondary:, Src Interface: ge-0/0/1
    Ternary :, Src Interface: fe-0/0/2
    Total connections: #
    Denied connections: #
    Total greetings: #
    Denied greetings: #
    Total e-mail scanned: #
    Spam total: #
    Spam tagged: #
    Spam dropped: #
    DNS errors: #
    Timeout errors: #
    Return errors: #
    Invalid parameter errors: #
    Statistics start time:
    Statistics for the last 10 days.
  2. You can click the Clear Antispam statistics button to clear all current viewable statistics and begin collecting new statistics.

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