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Monitoring SCCP ALG Counters

To view SCCP ALG counters information, select Monitor>ALGs>SCCP>Count in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

show security alg sccp counters

Table 39 summarizes key output fields in the SCCP counters display.

Table 39: Summary of Key SCCP Counters Output Fields



Additional Information

SCCP Counters Information

Clients currently registered

Number of SCCP ALG clients currently registered.


Active calls

Number of active SCCP ALG calls.


Total calls

Total number of SCCP ALG calls.


Packets received

Number of SCCP ALG packets received.


PDUs processed

Number of SCCP ALG protocol data units (PDUs) processed.


Current call rate

Number of calls per second.

Error counters

Packets dropped

Number of packets dropped by the SCCP ALG.


Decode errors

SCCP ALG decoding errors.


Protocol errors

Number of protocol errors.


Address translation errors

Number of Network Address Translation (NAT) errors encountered by SCCP ALG.


Policy lookup errors

Number of packets dropped because of a failed policy lookup.


Unknown PDUs

Number of unknown protocol data units (PDUs).


Maximum calls exceed

Number of times the maximum SCCP calls limit was exceeded.


Maximum call rate exceed

Number of times the maximum SCCP call rate exceeded.


Initialization errors

Number of initialization errors.


Internal errors

Number of internal errors.


Unsupported feature

Number of unsupported feature errors.


Non specific error

Number of nonspecific errors.


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