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Installing Software Upgrades by Uploading Files

You can use the J-Web interface to install software packages uploaded from your computer. Before installing the software upgrade, you need to verify that there is enough available space on the internal media card.

Note: This procedure applies only to upgrading one JUNOS Software release to another or one JUNOS Software services release to another. To upgrade from JUNOS Software to JUNOS Software services, see the JUNOS Software Migration Guide.

  1. In the J-Web interface, select Maintain>Software>Upload Package.
  2. On the Upload Package page, enter information into the fields described in Table 265.

    Table 265: Upload Package Summary



    Your Action

    File to Upload (required)

    Specifies the location of the software package on the local system.

    Type the location of the software package, or click Browse to navigate to the location.

    Reboot If Required

    If this box is checked the device is automatically rebooted when the upgrade is complete.

    Select the check box if you want the device to reboot automatically when the upgrade is complete.

    Do not save backup

    If this box is checked, the backup copy of current JUNOS package is not saved.

    Check the box if you want to save the backup copy of JUNOS package.

    Format and re-partition the media before installation

    If this box is checked, the storage media is formatted and new partitions are created.

    Check the box if you want to format the internal media with dual-root partitioning.

  3. Click Upload Package. The software is activated after the device has rebooted.

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