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Monitoring DHCP Clients

To view information about DHCP clients, select Monitor>Services>DHCP>Client in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

Table 62 summarizes the key output fields in the DHCP client displays.

Table 62: Summary of Key DHCP Client Output Fields



Additional Information


Name of the logical interface.


Obtained at

Date and time the lease was obtained.


Hardware Address

MAC address of the interface.



State of the client binding.


Address obtained

IP address obtained from the DHCP server.


Update Server

Displayed if the propagation of TCP/IP settings are enabled on the specified interface (if it is acting as a DHCP client) to the DHCP server configured on the device.


Lease obtained at

Date and time the lease was obtained.


Lease Expires at

Date and time the lease expires.


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