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Monitoring H.323 ALG Information

To view the H.323 ALG counters information, select Monitor>ALGs>H323 in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

show security alg h323 counters

Table 31 summarizes key output fields in the H.323 counters display.

Table 31: Summary of Key H.323 Counters Output Fields



Additional Information

H.323 Counters Information

Packets received

Number of H.323 ALG packets received.


Packets dropped

Number of H.323 ALG packets dropped.


RAS message received

Number of incoming RAS (Endpoint Registration, Admission, and Status) messages per second per gatekeeper received and processed.


Q.931 message received

Counter for Q.931 message received.


H.245 message received

Counter for H.245 message received.


Number of calls

Total number of H.323 ALG calls.


Number of active calls

Number of active H.323 ALG calls.

This counter displays the number of call legs and may not display the exact number of voice calls that are active. For instance, for a single active voice call between two endpoints, this counter might display a value of 2.

H.323 Error Counters

Decoding errors

Number of decoding errors.


Message flood dropped

Error counter for message flood dropped.


NAT errors

H.323 ALG Network Address Translation (NAT) errors.


Resource manager errors

H.323 ALG resource manager errors.


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