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Installing Software Upgrades from a Remote Server

You can use the J-Web interface to install software packages that are retrieved with FTP or HTTP from the specified location.

Note: This procedure applies only to upgrading one JUNOS Software release to another or one JUNOS Software services release to another. To upgrade from the JUNOS Software to JUNOS Software services, see the JUNOS Software Migration Guide.

To install software upgrades from a remote server:

  1. Before installing the software upgrade, verify the available space on the CompactFlash card. For information about verifying available CompactFlash card space, see the JUNOS Software Release Notes.
  2. Download the software package as described in the JUNOS Enhanced Services Administration Guide.
  3. In the J-Web interface, select Maintain>Software>Install Package.
  4. On the Install Remote page, enter the required information into the fields described in Table 207.
  5. Click Fetch and Install Package. The software is activated after the device reboots.

Table 207: Install Remote Summary



Your Action

Package Location (required)

Specifies the FTP or HTTP server, file path, and software package name.

Type the full address of the software package location on the FTP or HTTP server—one of the following:



Specifies the username, if the server requires one.

Type the username.


Specifies the password, if the server requires one.

Type the password.

Reboot If Required

If this box is checked, the device is automatically rebooted when the upgrade is complete.

Check the box if you want the device to reboot automatically when the upgrade is complete.

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