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Configuring an IKE Policy—J-Web Quick Configuration (Standard VPNs)

You can use J-Web Quick Configuration to quickly configure an IKE policy, authentication, and to reference a proposal.

Before You Begin

For background information, read

  • "Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)" chapter in the JUNOS Software Security Configuration Guide.

To configure an IKE policy with J-Web Quick Configuration:

  1. Select Configure>IPSec VPN>IKE.
  2. Select the IKE Policy tab.
  3. You can use an existing policy when you configure the gateway or you can create a new one by clicking Add.
  4. Fill in the options as described in Table 145.
  5. Click one of the following buttons:

Table 145: IKE Policy, Authentication, and Proposal Options




IKE Policy


Name of the policy.

Enter a name.


Descripton of the policy.

Enter a description.


Use Main or Aggressive mode.

Select a mode.



Use one of the following types of predefined Phase 1 proposals:

  • Basic
  • Compatible
  • Standard

Click Predefined and select a proposal type.

User Defined

Use a user-defined Phase 1 Proposal.

Click User Defined, select a proposal from the Available list, and click the right arrow button to move it to the Selected list.

Pre shared key

Use one of the following preshared key types:

  • ASCII text
  • Hexadecimal

Click Pre shared key, click the type of key, and enter the key in the appropriate format.


Use certificates

Click Certificate.

Local Certificate

Use a particular certificate when the local device has multiple loaded certificates.

Enter a local certificate identifier.

Peer Certificate Type

Use a preferred type of certificate (PKCS7 or X509).

Select a certificate type.

Trusted CA

Use a trusted certificate authority.

Click None or Use All, or click CA Index and select from the list.

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