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Configuring Security Zones—Quick Configuration

You can use J-Web Quick Configuration to quickly configure security zones. See Figure 40.

Figure 40 shows the Quick Configuration Zones page.

Figure 40: Quick Configuration Zones Page

Quick Configuration Zones Page

To configure security zones with Quick Configuration:

  1. Select Configure>CLI Tools>Point and Click CLI.
  2. Next to Security, click Configure or Edit.
  3. Next to Zones, click Configure or Edit.
  4. Click Add to create new zones.
  5. Fill the form as shown in Table 142.
  6. Click one of the following buttons:

Table 142: Security Zone Options

Zone Name

Name of the zone for which you are enabling policies

Traffic Control Options

Asymmetric VPN—Allows any incoming VPN traffic in a zone to match any applicable VPN session, regardless of the origin for the original VPN tunnel. This feature allows free routing of VPN traffic between two or more sites when there are multiple possible paths for VPN traffic.

TCP RST—Select this check box to enable the tcp-rst feature, which sends a TCP segment with the RESET flag set to 1 in response to a TCP segment with any flag set other than SYN and which does not belong to an existing session

Host Inbound Traffic Option

System Services—Configure services to permit inbound traffic of the selected type to be transmitted to hosts within the zone, provided there is a policy that permits it. You can select Allow All to permit all services, or you can select Except and Allow Selected Services to exclude selected services.

Protocols—Configure protocols to permit inbound traffic of the selected type to be transmitted to hosts with the zone. You can select Allow All to permit all protocols, or use the Except and Allow Selected Protocols options to exclude selected protocols.

Interfaces Configuration

Select the interfaces that you want included in the security zone.

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