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A framework of software developed at Juniper Networks, Inc. It contains highly reusable cross-platform objects used to implement transaction-based server products, including IMS AAA Server.


Remote Access Dial-In User Service. Client/server technology that allows authentication of remote users in an IP network.

re-authentication identity

The re-authentication identifier for a peer, including a NAI realm portion in environments where a realm is used. Used on re-authentication only.

reference point

A named point in the IMS where all communication occurs over well-defined protocols. IMS reference points are usually identified by a two-letter abbreviation, where the first letter is capitalized, for example: Wx (represents Diameter to the HSS).

Remote Access Dial-In User Service


return list

A list of attributes that IMS AAA Server must return to a client after authentication of a user succeeds. The return list usually provides additional parameters that the client needs to complete the connection.


The ability to move from one Access Point coverage area to another without interruption of service or loss of connectivity.

routing enforcement

Ensures all packets sent to/from the WLAN UE for 3G PS based services are routed to the interworking VPLMN (roaming case) or HPLMN (no roaming case). Routing enforcement is implemented between a WLAN AN and a WAG.

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