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Packet Data Gateway

See PDG.


Personal Digital Assistant.


Packet Data Gateway. Functions as a tunnel server, similar to a VPN server, which terminates IPsec tunnels from mobile subscribers who want to get IP connectivity into the IMS network.

permanent identity

The permanent identifier of a peer, including an NAI realm portion in environments where a realm is used. The permanent identity is usually based on the IMSI. Used on full authentication only.


Public Land Mobile Network. A mobile network, which in this guide, is always an IMS-based network.

point code

The unique identifier for each node in an SS7 network.

policy enforcement

Functionality implemented in a WAG to ensure packets coming from or going to the WLAN AN are allowed based on unencrypted data within the packets (for example, source and destination IP address and port number).


The process of validating a user's telephone number, delivering a password to a user via SMS, and providing the user with a time-limited internet account.

proxy RADIUS

Process of authenticating users whose profiles are on other RADIUS servers by forwarding access-request packets received from a RADIUS client to a remote RADIUS server (the proxy target), and then forwarding the response from the remote server back to the RADIUS client.

proxy target

The remote RADIUS server that actually performs authentication in a proxy RADIUS sequence.

PS based services

Services provided by a PLMN using the IP bearer capability between a WLAN UE and the PLMN when 3GPP WLAN IP access is used. For example, some bearer services are: Internet access, Corporate IP network access, and higher level services such as SMS and LCS.

pseudonym Identity

A pseudonym identifier of a peer, including a NAI realm portion in environments where a realm is used. Used on full authentication only.

Public Land Mobile Network


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