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The Statistics panel lets you display various levels of statistics such as summary statistics, Diameter and RADIUS statistics, and request routing statistics. Both the Diameter and RADIUS statistics include statistics of how long the server has been running.

The IMS AAA Server Administrator separates Diameter and RADIUS statistics. Statistics are available for the local RADIUIS host (server), as well as RADIUS clients and targets. Statistics are also available for the local Diameter host (server) and peers.

The IMS AAA Server supports the MIBs listed in Table 28:

Table 28: MIBs Supported by IMS AAA Server  



Maintains authentication client statistics.


Maintains authentication server statistics.


Maintains accounting client statistics.


Maintains accounting server statistics.

Diameter MIBs


Describes Diameter Base Protocol statistics. This MIB is based on draft: DIAMETER-BASE-PROTOCOL-MIB-koehler-03.txt and DIAMETER-BASE-PROTOCOL-MIB-zorn-00-diameterBaseTraps.txt


Describes Diameter NAS application statistics. This MIB is based on draft: DIAMETER-NASREQ-APPLICATION-MIBkoehler-01.txt

For convenience, all MIBs are stored in the /usr/local/a3s_visited/current/snmp/mib directory.

Figure 101 shows the main Statistics panel and the Diameter, RADIUS, and Routing sub-panels.

Figure 101: Statistics Main Dialog

Refresh Options

All statistics dialogs have an Auto-Refresh and Refresh option as shown in Figure 102.

Figure 102: Refresh Options

If the Auto-Refresh option is enabled, the Administrator queries the server every 2 seconds for the respective statistics and automatically refreshes the display. If the Auto-Refresh option is disabled, the Refresh button becomes available. Each time the button is clicked, the Administrator queries the server and refreshes the display.

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