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Supported Protocols in the IMS AAA Server

The IMS AAA Server implements the following protocols for transaction processing and server administration.

For details about the transaction processing protocols, see Table 6, and for details about the server administration protocols, see Table 7.

Table 6: Transaction Processing Protocols  


The Diameter protocol implementation supports advanced queue management, such as event-based management of incoming and outgoing queue sizes, and re-queuing of aging requests at full transaction rate, including very high transaction rates.

NOTE: The Diameter base implementation does not support TLS at this time.


The RADIUS protocol implementation

the server can be a client when it proxies requests to downstream server consists of the following three major categories of components:

  • RADIUS client—In proxy scenarios, the IMS AAA Server has to act as a RADIUS client.
  • CoA/DM client—Change of Authorization and Disconnect Messages. These components are for RADIUS dynamic authorization requests.
  • RADIUS server—Implementation includes NAS client configuration for processing and servicing incoming requests.


The TCP protocol provides queuing and thread management for TCP transports.


The UDP protocol provides queuing and thread management for UDP transports.


The SCTP protocol provides queuing, thread management, and multi-link (multi-homing) awareness for SCTP transports.


The IPv6 protocol support is included with the UDP, TCP, and SCTP implementations. IPv6 addresses must be routeable (not link-local).

NOTE: The IMS AAA Server does not support an embedded IPv4 address as an IPv6 address.


The IPv4 protocol support is included with the UDP, TCP, and SCTP implementations.


The Diameter protocol requires that IPsec be used to secure its transport, unless TLS is used between the transport (TCP, SCTP) and Diameter itself. The product does not support TLS and relies on the IPsec implementation provided by the host operating system.


The IMS AAA Server only supports the TLS protocol on the connection between the IMS AAA Server and the Administrator. The IMS AAA Server only uses standard, non-anonymous cipher suites and requires a server certificate to secure the administrative connection.

Table 7: Server Administration Protocols


The administration connection is http/s over TCP. The http implementation provides access control (by user and group) based on authentication in a TLS tunnel secured with a server certificate.


The SNMP implementation enables the mapping of the native XML-based configuration space to an SNMP MIB. This implementation supports alerts, and is based on an external SNMP agent that accesses the IMS AAA Server agent.

NOTE: You can query status ("GET" usage) and receive alert notifications ("Trap" usage), but you cannot configure the server through SNMP (no "Set" usage).

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