Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation in eBook Format

Selected Juniper Networks documentation is available in the Microsoft eBook document format for use with Windows-based PCs, laptops, and Pocket PCs, including those running Windows CE.

Microsoft eBook Format Help

System Requirements

To view any eBook formatted files, you need the following:

  • Microsoft Reader software
  • Software and hardware for synchronizing the handheld with the computer desktop:
    • Software: Microsoft ActiveSync®
    • NOTE: Refer to to determine the requirements of any newer version of iSilo that may have been released.
    • Hardware: A cradle, infrared port, or other device for connecting the handheld to your computer
  • Refer to the applicable table of Juniper Networks downloadable files for the memory required for each file.

Installation Instructions

To prepare for installation and to install the software and documents, use the following general procedure:

  1. Verify that you have available memory
  2. Download and install the Microsoft Reader software
  3. Download the eBook files
  4. Install the eBook files on your device

Verify that you have available memory

To check how much memory you have, use the following procedure:

  1. Activate the handheld and open the Start menu
  2. From the Start menu select Settings
  3. In the Settings window, select the System tab
  4. Open the Memory application

If you do not have enough memory available, consider deleting unused applications or documents, or contact the handheld's manufacturer to see whether memory upgrades are available.

Download and install the Microsoft Reader software

Microsoft Reader comes preinstalled on most new handhelds. If it is not already installed, or you are installing it on a PC, use the following procedure:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Reader web site at
  2. Click Download and select the appropriate version
  3. Save the program to your hard drive
  4. Double-click the file to begin installation

Download the eBook files

Refer to the tables of Juniper Networks downloadable files for the documentation available in this format.

Install the eBook files on your device

To install the eBook files on your handheld, use the following procedure:

  1. Connect your device to your desktop computer
  2. Open Microsoft ActiveSync, and click Explore. Windows Explorer will open the Mobile Device window for your device
  3. In Windows Explorer, browse to the file that you want to copy on your device or desktop computer
  4. To copy the file to your device, right-click the file and click Copy. Place the cursor in the Mobile Device folder for your device, right-click, and click Paste

Known limitations

The Juniper Networks eBook files for Windows-based devices have the following limitations:

  • Sample output is not formatted exactly as displayed on the router console. Screen size limitation of handhelds prohibits the correct display. However, the information is displayed in order. For an accurate view of the sample output, see the printed or PDF version of the manual.
  • To view the Index, scroll to the end of the Table of Contents. The Microsoft Reader does not currently support creating a separate index.

Revision History

February 1, 2002: Initial release.