The application hosting and data center switching component of the MetaFabric Reference Architecture offers several design choices. A new data center with few requirements and needing a spine and leaf access network may start with top-of-rack Juniper Networks QFX5100 switches. As the business needs outgrow this access network, the same components can be used to migrate to a medium-sized access network by redeploying the QFX5100 switches as leaf members in a Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis Fabric configuration.

  • MX480

    The MX480 is a large-scale router that enables service providers to deliver advanced business and residential applications and services.

  • SRX3600

    The SRX3600 Services Gateway is designed to secure medium to large enterprise, service provider, and mobile operator data centers and aggregate security services across the network infrastructure.

  • QFX5100

    The QFX5100 is an ultra-low latency, high-performance, 10GbE/40GbE data center switch that provides integrated Layer 2 gateway services for virtual network environments.

  • EX4300

    EX4300 Ethernet Switch is a single platform offering the maximum flexibility required for today's enterprise.