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Connecting Physical and Virtual Data Centers

Today's network has to connect multiple data centers and the cloud.

The days of monolithic enterprise data centers are done. They've been replaced by a data center landscape that is largely virtualized and spread across multiple, geographically distributed sites and cloud services. But connecting, securing and utilizing this array of computing power is a complex job–requiring a new type of data center network optimized for the cloud era.


  • Juniper Networks MetaFabric Architecture.

    Juniper Networks MetaFabric™ Architecture — a new architecture for next generation data centers which simplifies and accelerates the deployment and delivery of applications within and across multiple data center locations.

  • MetaFabric: Conversation with VMware.

    Juniper Network EVP Rami Rahim and VMware EVP Stephen Mullaney discuss opportunities and challenges in network virtualization and how Juniper and VMware are working together to help customers on their journey to network virtualization.

  • MetaFabric Customer Panel

    Juniper Networks EVP Rami Rahim and executives from Tesla, Northwestern Mutual, IBM ADLabs and Bloomberg LP discuss Juniper's innovative technology, their use of big data and analytics, how they achieve simplicity and scale, the importance of openness, how to measure success, and the issues that keep them up at night.