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Tunnel Services PIC (M320 Router)

Image g001800.gif

Software release

  • JUNOS 6.2 and later (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • JUNOS 6.3 and later (Type 3)


  • Power requirement: 0.07 A @ 48 V (3.4 W)

Hardware features

  • Loopback function that encapsulates and de-encapsulates packets
  • OC12/STM4 tunneling bandwidth on FPC1; OC48/STM16 tunneling bandwidth on FPC2; OC192/STM64 tunneling bandwidth on FPC3

Software features

For a list of the software features available for services PICs, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

  • IP-IP unicast tunneling
  • GRE unicast tunneling
  • PIM sparse mode unicast tunneling


One tricolor:

  • Off—Not enabled
  • Green—Online with no alarms or failures
  • Amber—Online with alarms for remote failures
  • Red—Active with a local alarm; router has detected a failure

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