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Overview of Troubleshooting Resources

This section provides an overview of the resources you can use while troubleshooting problems with the services gateway:

Command-Line Interface

The JUNOS software command-line interface (CLI) is the primary tool for controlling and troubleshooting services gateway hardware, the JUNOS software, routing protocols, and network connectivity. CLI commands display information from routing tables, information specific to routing protocols, and information about network connectivity derived from the ping and traceroute utilities.

You enter CLI commands on one or more external management devices connected to the Routing Engine. The port labeled AUX attaches the Routing Engine to a laptop, modem, or other auxiliary device, the port labeled CONSOLE attaches to a system console, and the port labeled ETHERNET attaches to a management LAN. For more information, see Routing Engine Interface Ports and Status Indicators.

For information about using the CLI to display details about alarms generated by interfaces and hardware components, see Chassis and Interface Alarm Messages.

For information about using the CLI to troubleshoot the JUNOS software, see the appropriate JUNOS software configuration guide.


LEDs on the services gateway display the status of various components. This section describes the following types of LEDs:

Craft Interface LEDs

The craft interface is the panel on the front of the services gateway located above the card cage that contains LEDs and buttons that allow you to troubleshoot the device.

To display system alarm messages on the LED display, see Chassis and Interface Alarm Messages. For more information about using the craft interface, see Craft Interface.

LEDs on the craft interface include the following:

Component LEDs

The following LEDs are located on various services gateway components and display the status of those components:

Chassis and Interface Alarm Messages

When the Routing Engine detects an alarm condition, it lights the red or yellow alarm LED on the craft interface as appropriate. To view a more detailed description of the alarm cause, issue the show chassis alarms CLI command:

user@host> show chassis alarms

There are two classes of alarm messages:

Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center

If you need assistance during troubleshooting, you can contact the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) by using the Web or by telephone. See Requesting Technical Support.

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