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Services Gateway Description

The SRX 5600 services gateway is a high-performance, highly-scalable, carrier-class security device with multi-processor architecture.

The SRX 5600 services gateway is eight rack units (RU) tall. Three of these devices can be stacked in a single floor-to-ceiling rack, for increased port density per unit of floor space. The device provides 8 slots that can be populated with up to 6 Services Processing Cards (SPCs) and I/O cards (IOCs) and two Switch Control Boards (SCBs) in nonredundant fabric configurations.

Fully populated, the SRX 5600 provides up to 200 Gigabit Ethernet or up to 20 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports. Two types of IOCs are available, both of which consist of four Packet Forwarding Engines and support a throughput of 40 Gbps:

The SRX 5600 chassis provides redundancy and resiliency. The hardware system is fully redundant, including power supplies, fan trays, and Switch Control Boards.

The Packet Forwarding Engines combined with the Ethernet ports on an IOC plug into the chassis. IOCs are connected to (redundant) Switch Control Boards (SCBs). The connections between IOCs and SCBs are organized in three groups:

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