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Routing Engine Interface Cable and Wire Specifications

Table 41 lists the specifications for the cables that connect to management ports and the wires that connect to the alarm relay contacts.

Table 41: Cable and Wire Specifications for Routing Engine Management and Alarm Interfaces


Cable Specification

Cable/Wire Supplied

Maximum Length


Routing Engine console or auxiliary interface

RS-232 (EIA-232) serial cable

One 6-ft (1.83-m) length with RJ-45/DB-9 connectors

6 ft (1.83 m)

RJ-45/DB-9 male

Routing Engine Ethernet interface

Category 5 cable or equivalent suitable for 100Base-T operation

One 15-ft (4.57-m) length with RJ-45/RJ-45 connectors

328 ft (100 m)

RJ-45 autosensing

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