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Site Preparation Checklist

The checklist in Table 22 summarizes the tasks you need to perform when preparing a site for services gateway installation.

Table 22: Site Preparation Checklist

Item or Task

For More Information ...

Performed By


Verify that environmental factors such as temperature and humidity do not exceed services gateway tolerances.

Services Gateway Environmental Specifications


Select the type of rack or cabinet.

Cabinet Requirements,
Rack Requirements


Plan rack or cabinet location, including required space clearances.

Cabinet Size and Clearance Requirements
Rack Size and StrengthClearance Requirements for Airflow and Hardware Maintenance


If a rack is used, secure rack to floor and building structure.

Connection to Building Structure


Acquire cables and connectors.


Locate sites for connection of system grounding.

DC Power Grounding Requirements and Warning


Measure distance between external power sources and services gateway installation site.


Calculate the optical power budget and optical power margin.

Calculating Power Budget for Fiber-Optic Cable,Calculating Power Margin for Fiber-Optic Cable


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