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Cabinet Requirements

The services gateway can be installed in a standard 482 mm (or larger) enclosed cabinet. The following sections describe cabinet requirements:

Cabinet Size and Clearance Requirements

The minimum size cabinet that can accommodate the device is 482 mm wide and 800 mm deep. A cabinet larger than the minimum requirement provides better airflow and reduces the chance of overheating. To accommodate a single device, the cabinet must be at least 13 U high. If you provide adequate cooling air and airflow clearance, you can stack five devices in a cabinet that has at least 48 U (84 in. or 2.13 m) of usable vertical space.

The minimum front and rear clearance requirements depend on the mounting configuration you choose. The minimum total clearance inside the cabinet is 30.7 in. between the inside of the front door and the inside of the rear door.

Cabinet Airflow Requirements

When you mount the device in a cabinet, you must ensure that ventilation through the cabinet is sufficient to prevent overheating. Following is a list of requirements to consider when planning for chassis cooling:

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