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Power Supply Installation and Replacement

Caution: The device cannot be powered from AC and DC power supplies simultaneously. The first type of power supply detected by the device when initially powered on determines the type of power supply allowed by the device. All installed power supplies of the other type are disabled by the device. If you install a power supply of the other type while the device is operating, the device disables the power supply and generates an alarm.

Note: Devices configured with DC power supplies are shipped with a blank panel installed over the power distribution modules. Devices configured with AC power supplies have no blank panel.

For information about site power requirements, see Power Guidelines, Requirements, and Specifications. For information about connecting the services gateway to power and ground, see Connecting Power to an AC-Powered Services Gateway and Chassis Grounding.

Redundant power supplies are hot-removable and hot-insertable, as described in Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs). When you remove a power supply from a device that uses nonredundant power supply configuration, the device may shut down depending on your configuration. For power supply replacement instructions, see Replacing Power System Components.

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