SRX 5600 Services Gateway Hardware Guide

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About This Guide
Documentation Conventions
JUNOS Software Documentation for J-series Services Routers and SRX-series Services Gateways
Obtaining Documentation
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Services Gateway Overview
Services Gateway Description
Component Redundancy
Hardware Components
Services Gateway Chassis
I/O Cards
IOC Components
Flex I/O Cards and Port Modules
Flex IOC Components
Port Module Components
Port Module LEDs
Services Processing Cards
SPC Components
Host Subsystem
Switch Control Board
SCB Slots
SCB Redundancy
SCB Components
Routing Engine
Routing Engine Components
Routing Engine Interface Ports and Status Indicators
Routing Engine Boot Sequence
Cable Management System
Craft Interface
Alarm LEDs and Alarm Cutoff/Lamp Test Button
Host Subsystem LEDs
Power Supply LEDs
Fan LEDs
Online Buttons
Alarm Relay Contacts
Power Supplies
Power Supply Installation and Replacement
AC Power Supply
AC Power Supply Configurations
AC Power Supply LEDs
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply Configurations
DC Power Supply LEDs
Cooling System
Preparing the Site for Services Gateway Installation
Site Preparation Checklist
Cabinet Requirements
Cabinet Size and Clearance Requirements
Cabinet Airflow Requirements
Rack Requirements
Rack Size and Strength
Spacing of Mounting Bracket Holes
Connection to Building Structure
Clearance Requirements for Airflow and Hardware Maintenance
Installation Overview
Unpacking the Services Gateway
Tools and Parts Required
Unpacking the Services Gateway
Verifying Parts Received
Installing the Mounting Hardware
Installing the Mounting Hardware for a Rack or Cabinet
Removing the Mounting Brackets for Center-Mounting the Device
Installing the Services Gateway
Safety Requirements, Warnings, and Guidelines
Installing the Services Gateway Using a Mechanical Lift
Tools Required
Installing the Services Gateway Using a Lift
Installing the Cable Management System
Connecting the Services Gateway
Tools and Parts Required
Connecting the Services Gateway to Management and Alarm Devices
Connecting to a Network for Out-of-Band Management
Connecting to a Management Console or Auxiliary Device
Connecting to an External Alarm-Reporting Device
Connecting IOC Cables
Grounding and Providing Power to the Services Gateway
Tools and Parts Required
Grounding the Services Gateway
Connecting Power to an AC-Powered Services Gateway
Powering On an AC-Powered Services Gateway
Connecting Power to a DC-Powered Services Gateway
Powering On a DC-Powered Services Gateway
Powering Off the Services Gateway
Configuring the JUNOS Software
Maintaining Hardware Components
Tools and Parts Required
Routine Maintenance Procedures
Maintaining Cooling System Components
Maintaining the Air Filter
Maintaining the Fan Tray
Maintaining the Host Subsystem
Maintaining IOCs and SPCs
Maintaining IOC Cables
Handling and Storing Cards
Holding a Card
Storing a Card
Maintaining the Power Supplies
Troubleshooting Hardware Components
Overview of Troubleshooting Resources
Command-Line Interface
Craft Interface LEDs
Component LEDs
Chassis and Interface Alarm Messages
Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center
Troubleshooting the Cooling System
Troubleshooting IOCs
Troubleshooting SPCs
Troubleshooting the Power System
Replacing Hardware Components
Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs)
Tools and Parts Required
Replacing the Craft Interface
Removing the Craft Interface
Installing the Craft Interface
Replacing Alarm Relay Wires
Disconnecting the Alarm Relay Wires
Connecting the Alarm Relay Wires
Replacing Cooling System Components
Replacing the Fan Tray
Removing the Fan Tray
Installing the Fan Tray
Replacing the Air Filter
Removing an Air Filter
Installing the Air Filter
Replacing Host Subsystem Components
Taking the Host Subsystem Offline
Replacing an SCB
Operating and Positioning the SCB Ejectors
Removing an SCB
Installing an SCB
Replacing a Routing Engine
Removing a Routing Engine
Installing a Routing Engine
Replacing Connections to Routing Engine Interface Ports
Replacing the Management Ethernet Cable
Replacing the Console or Auxiliary Cable
Replacing IOCs
Removing an IOC
Installing an IOC
Replacing Flex IOCs and Port Modules
Removing a Flex IOC
Installing a Flex IOC
Removing a Port Module
Installing a Port Module
Replacing SPCs
Removing an SPC
Installing an SPC
Removing an SFP or XFP Transceiver
Installing an SFP or XFP Transceiver
Replacing Power System Components
Removing an AC Power Supply
Installing an AC Power Supply
Removing a DC Power Supply
Installing a DC Power Supply
Replacing an AC Power Cord
Disconnecting an AC Power Cord
Connecting an AC Power Supply Cord
Replacing a DC Power Supply Cable
Removing a DC Power Cable
Installing a DC Power Cable
Replacing the Cable Management System
Removing the Cable Management System
Installing the Cable Management System
Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information
Definition of Safety Warning Levels
Safety Guidelines and Warnings
General Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Qualified Personnel Warning
Restricted Access Area Warning
Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage
Fire Safety Requirements
Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression Equipment
Installation Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Chassis Lifting Guidelines
Installation Instructions Warning
Rack-Mounting Requirements and Warnings
Ramp Warning
Laser and LED Safety Guidelines and Warnings
General Laser Safety Guidelines
Class 1 Laser Product Warning
Class 1 LED Product Warning
Laser Beam Warning
Radiation from Open Port Apertures Warning
Maintenance and Operational Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Battery Handling Warning
Jewelry Removal Warning
Lightning Activity Warning
Operating Temperature Warning
Product Disposal Warning
Electrical Safety Guidelines and Warnings
In Case of Electrical Accident
General Electrical Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Grounded Equipment Warning
Midplane Energy Hazard Warning
Multiple Power Supplies Disconnection Warning
Power Disconnection Warning
TN Power Warning
AC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines
DC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines and Warnings
DC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines
Copper Conductors Warning
DC Power Disconnection Warning
DC Power Grounding Requirements and Warning
DC Power Wiring Sequence Warning
DC Power Wiring Terminations Warning
Agency Approvals and Compliance Statements
Agency Approvals
Compliance Statements for EMC Requirements
European Community
Declaration of Conformity
United States
Compliance Statements for Environmental Requirements
Lithium Battery
Compliance Statements for Acoustic Noise
Physical Specifications
Physical Specifications
Services Gateway Environmental Specifications
Services Gateway Environmental Specifications
Power Guidelines, Requirements, and Specifications
Chassis Grounding
Grounding Cable Lug Specification
Grouding Cable Specification
DC Power Specifications and Requirements
DC Power System Electrical Specifications
DC Power Circuit Breaker Specifications
DC Power Supply Electrical Specifications
Power Requirements for DC-Powered Services Gateways
DC Power Cable Specifications
DC Power Cable Lug Specifications
DC Power Cable Specifications
AC Power Specifications and Guidelines
AC Power System Electrical Specifications
AC Power Supply Electrical Specifications
AC Power Circuit Breaker Specifications
Power Requirements for AC-Powered Services Gateways
AC Power Cord Specifications
Site Electrical Wiring Guidelines
Distance Limitations for Signaling
Radio Frequency Interference
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Cable and Wire Guidelines and Specifications
Network Cable Specifications and Guidelines
Signal Loss in Multimode and Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Cable
Attenuation and Dispersion in Fiber-Optic Cable
Calculating Power Budget for Fiber-Optic Cable
Calculating Power Margin for Fiber-Optic Cable
Routing Engine Interface Cable and Wire Specifications
Installing the Services Gateway Without a Mechanical Lift
Tools and Parts Required
Removing Components from the Chassis
Removing the Power Supplies
Removing the Fan Tray
Removing SCBs
Removing IOCs and SPCs
Installing the Chassis in the Rack Manually
Reinstalling Components in the Chassis
Reinstalling the Power Supplies
Reinstalling the Fan Tray
Reinstalling SCBs
Reinstalling IOCs and SPCs
Installing the Cable Management System
Contacting Customer Support and Returning Hardware
Locating Component Serial Numbers
SRX 5600 Chassis Serial Number Label
SCB Serial Number Label
IOC and SPC Serial Number Label
Power Supply Serial Number Labels
Routing Engine Serial Number Label
Contacting Customer Support
Information You Might Need to Supply to JTAC
Return Procedure
Tools and Parts Required
Packing the Services Gateway for Shipment
Packing Components for Shipment
Cable Connector Pinouts
RJ-45 Connector Pinouts for the Routing Engine ETHERNET Port
RJ-45 Connector Pinouts for the Routing Engine AUX and CONSOLE Ports