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I/O Cards (IOCs)

The I/O cards (IOCs) are optimized for Ethernet density and are capable of supporting up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet or four 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports (see Figure 5). The IOC assembly combines packet forwarding and Ethernet interfaces on a single board, with four 10-Gbps Packet Forwarding Engines. Each Packet Forwarding Engine consists of one I-chip for Layer 3 processing and one Layer 2 network processor. The IOCs interface with the power supplies and Switch Control Boards (SCBs).

The services gateway has a total of 8 slots. You can install IOCs in any of the slots numbered 0 through 5, top to bottom.

The slots at the bottom of the card cage numbered 0 and 1 are reserved for SCBs. IOCs install horizontally in the front of the device (see Figure 6). You can install any combination of IOC types in the device.

If a slot is not occupied by a card, a blank panel must be installed to shield the empty slot and to allow cooling air to circulate properly through the services gateway.

Figure 5 shows the IOCs supported on the SRX 5600 services gateways.

Figure 5: IOCs Supported On the SRX 5600

Image g030237.gif

Figure 6: IOCs Installed Horizontally in the SRX 5600

Image g030234.gif

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