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Installing the Mounting Hardware for a Rack or Cabinet

Install the mounting shelf, which is included in the shipping container, before installing the device. We recommend that you install the mounting shelf because the weight of a fully loaded device can be up to 163.5 lb (74.2 kg).

Table 25 specifies the holes in which you insert cage nuts and screws to install the mounting hardware required (an X indicates a mounting hole location). The hole distances are relative to one of the standard U divisions on the rack. The bottom of all mounting shelves is at 0.02 in. above a U division.

Table 25: Four-Post Rack or Cabinet Mounting Hole Locations


Distance Above U Division

Mounting Shelf


2.00 in. (5.1 cm)

1.14 U



1.51 in. (3.8 cm)

0.86 U



0.88 in. (2.2 cm)

0.50 U



0.25 in. (0.6 cm)

0.14 U


To install the mounting shelf on the front rails of a four-post rack or cabinet, or the rails of an open-frame rack:

  1. If needed, install cage nuts in the holes specified in Table 25.
  2. On the back of each rack rail, partially insert a mounting screw into the lowest hole specified in Table 25.
  3. Install the mounting shelf on the back of the rack rails. Rest the bottom slot of each flange on a mounting screw.
  4. Partially insert the remaining three screws into the open holes in each flange of the mounting shelf (see Figure 26 or Figure 27).
  5. Tighten all the screws completely.

Figure 26: Installing the Front Mounting Hardware for a Four-Post Rack or Cabinet

Image g004257.gif

Figure 27: Installing the Mounting Hardware for an Open-Frame Rack

Image g004255.gif

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