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AC Power Supply

Each AC power supply weighs approximately 5.0 lb (2.3 kg) and consists of one AC appliance inlet, an AC switch, a fan, and LEDs to monitor the status of the power supply. Figure 1 shows the power supply. Each inlet requires a dedicated AC power feed and a dedicated 15 A (250 VAC)circuit breaker.

Figure 1: AC Power Supply

Image g004209.gif

For more information about the AC power specifications, see the SRX 5600 Services Gateway Hardware Guide.

Warning: The services gateway is pluggable type A equipment installed in a restricted-access location. It has a separate protective earthing terminal (sized for UNC 1/4-20 ground lugs) provided on the chassis in addition to the grounding pin of the power supply cord. This separate protective earthing terminal must be permanently connected to earth.

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