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I/O Cards (IOCs)

The I/O cards (IOCs) are optimized for Ethernet density and are capable of supporting up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet or four 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports (see Figure 1). The IOC assembly combines packet forwarding and Ethernet interfaces on a single board, with four 10-Gbps Packet Forwarding Engines. Each Packet Forwarding Engine consists of one I-chip for Layer 3 processing and one Layer 2 network processor. The IOCs interface with the power supplies and Switch Control Boards (SCBs).

The services gateway has a total of 12 slots. You can install IOCs in any of the slots numbered 0 though 5 on an SRX 5600 services gateway, and 0 though 5, 2/6 , and 7 though 11 on an SRX 5800 services gateway, left to right.

The slots at the middle of the SRX 5800 card cage or at the bottom of the SRX 5600 card cage, numbered 0 and 1, are reserved for SCBs. IOCs install in the front of the device (see Figure 2). You can install any combination of IOC types in the device.

If a slot is not occupied by a card, a blank panel must be installed to shield the empty slot and to allow cooling air to circulate properly through the services gateway.

Figure 1 shows the IOCs supported on the SRX 5600 and SRX 5800 services gateways.

Figure 1: IOCs Supported On the SRX 5600 and SRX 5800

Image g030237.gif

Figure 2: IOCs Installed Horizontally in the SRX 5600

Image g030234.gif

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