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Holding a Card

When you carry a card, you can hold it either vertically or horizontally.

Note: A card weighs up to 13.1 lb (5.9 kg). Be prepared to accept the full weight of the card as you lift it.

To hold a card vertically:

  1. Orient the card so that the faceplate faces you. To verify orientation, confirm that the text on the card is right-side up and the electromagnetic interference (EMI) strip is on the right-hand side.
  2. Place one hand around the card faceplate about a quarter of the way down from the top edge. To avoid deforming the EMI shielding strip, do not press hard on it.
  3. Place your other hand at the bottom edge of the card.

If the card is horizontal before you grasp it, place your left hand around the faceplate and your right hand along the bottom edge.

To hold a card horizontally:

  1. Orient the card so that the faceplate faces you.
  2. Grasp the top edge with your left hand and the bottom edge with your right hand.

You can rest the faceplate of the card against your body as you carry it.

As you carry the card, do not bump it against anything. Card components are fragile.

Never hold or grasp the card anywhere except places that this document indicates. In particular, never grasp the connector edge, especially at the power connector in the corner where the connector and bottom edges meet (see Figure 4).

Figure 4: Do Not Grasp the Connector Edge

Image g004009.gif

Never carry the card by the faceplate with only one hand.

Do not rest any edge of a card directly against a hard surface (see Figure 5).

Do not stack cards.

Figure 5: Do Not Rest the Card on an Edge

Image g004011.gif

If you must rest the card temporarily on an edge while changing its orientation between vertical and horizontal, use your hand as a cushion between the edge and the surface.

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