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SRX-series Hardware Features

The SRX-series services gateway is a high-performance, highly scalable, carrier-class device. It features multiprocessor architecture optimized for JUNOS software.

By installing different combinations of I/O Cards (IOCs) and Services Processing Cards (SPCs), you can tailor both the number of Gigabit ports and the maximum security processing capacity to suit your network.

The following table compares the SRX 5600 and SRX 5800 services gateways:

SRX 5600

SRX 5800

Maximum Throughput

60 Gigabits per second

120 Gigabits per second

Total Slots



Slots for SPCs and IOCs



Slots for Switch Control Boards (SCBs)



Chassis Height

8 RU (14”)

16 RU (28”)

Devices per Rack



Two types of I/O Cards (IOCs) interface cards are available, both of which consist of four Packet Forwarding Engines and enable a throughput of 10 Gbps:

The SRX 5600 services gateway chassis provides redundancy and resiliency. The hardware system is fully redundant, including power supplies, fan trays, and Switch Control Boards.

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