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Quick Start Description

Warning: This Quick Start contains a summary of safety warnings in Safety Warnings. For a complete list of warnings for this platform, including translations, see the JCS 1200 Platform Hardware Guide at https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/hardware/.

The Juniper Control System (JCS) 1200 platform is a high-density, high-performance rack-mounted control and Routing Engine platform. The JCS 1200 platform provides 12 bays for Routing Engines and other JCS 1200 platform components, integrating common resources that are shared by the Routing Engines. The use of common resources provides a small server-system footprint that contains high-performing servers with minimal cabling.

The JCS 1200 platform is a modular, rack-mountable system. The JCS 1200 platform is shipped in a wooden crate. A wooden pallet forms the base of the crate. The JCS 1200 chassis is bolted to this pallet. The shipping crate contains:

Note: This Quick Start explains how to integrate an offline T-series routing platform with the JCS 1200 platform. For more information, see the JCS 1200 Platform Hardware Guide at https://www.juniper.net/techpubs.

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