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Unpacking ERX-14xx Models

ERX-14xx models come boxed, bolted, and strapped to a skid. For your convenience, we recommend that you unpack the router in the location where you want to install it.

Three people are required to install the router in a rack: two to lift the system into position and one to screw it to the rack.

To unpack ERX-14xx models:

  1. Cut the two straps that secure the carton to the skid, open the carton from the top, and remove the box of accessories that sits on top of the router.
  2. Unlock the four plastic clips that hold the box to the skid by squeezing them in their center and pulling out, and then lift the carton off the router.
  3. Remove the three screws that attach each of the two L-brackets to the router.
  4. To avoid scratching the router when removing it from the skid, detach one of the L-brackets from the skid by removing the three screws. See Figure 13.

    Figure 13: Removing an L-Bracket

    Image g013739.gif

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