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Installing an IOA Shelf

Use an IOA shelf (also called an IOA bracket) when installing half-height IOAs in the router. IOA shelves screw into the midplane between the upper bay (Adapter 0) and lower bay (Adapter 1). IOAs in the upper bay rest on the shelf, while IOAs in the lower bay use the guides on the bottom of the shelf to remain vertical. See Figure 13.

Figure 13: IOA Shelf

Image g015309.gif

We recommend that you power down the router before installing an IOA shelf between two slots that have modules installed in them already. Otherwise, you might short-circuit the installed modules if you accidentally touch the shelf to a module.

To install an IOA shelf:

  1. Ground yourself by using an antistatic wrist strap or other device and connect it to one of the ESD grounding jacks.
  2. Remove the blank IOA filler panel from the slot.
  3. Align the shelf's guide pins with the corresponding holes in the midplane and insert the threaded shaft into the hole in the midplane between the upper bay and lower bay. Be sure the threaded shaft is visible from the right side. (See Figure 13.)
  4. Using a flathead screwdriver, tighten the screw snugly to secure the shelf.

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