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Chassis Overview

A fully configured E320 router consists of 2 switch route processors (SRPs), 3 switch fabric modules (SFMs), 12 line modules, and up to 2 I/O adapters (IOAs) per line module. See Figure 1 and Figure 2.

An IOA shelf (bracket) can be installed on a slot-by-slot basis to create an upper IOA bay and lower IOA bay, enabling you to use up to two IOAs in the same slot. This architecture enables you to combine different IOA types in the same slot and to support oversubscribed configurations.

The routers illustrated in this book might look different than your router due to configuration variations.

Figure 1: E320 Router, Front View

Image g015302.gif

Figure 2: E320 Router, Rear View

Image g0153332.gif

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