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GE Multimode Module Combination (1 Port)

Line module labelGE/FE
I/O module labelGE I/O
Number of I/O ports
  • 1 active, 1 redundant
Software release
  • First supported: 2.0.0
  • Final supported: Not applicable
  • 130 W
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • This module combination has been superseded by a newer assembly; however, it is supported by current software.
  • Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z)
Software features
  • See Ethernet Modules for information about the layer 2 and layer 3 protocols and applications that this module combination supports.
Model compatibility
  • ERX7xx models
  • ERX14xx models
  • ERX310 router
SRP module compatibility
  • SRP-5G+
  • SRP-10G
  • SRP-40G
  • SRP-40G PLUS
  • SRP-SE10G
Module redundancy support
  • Not applicable
Cables and connectors
  • SC full duplex
  • Tx power:
    • min: –9.5 dBm
    • max: –4 dBm
  • Center wavelength: 850 nm
  • Rx input power:
    • min: –17 dBm
    • max: –3 dBm
  • Rated for 275 m (300 yards) over 62.5-micron core cable
  • Rated for 550 m (601 yards) over 50-micron core cable
  • See the Cabling ERX Routers chapter in the ERX Hardware Guide for more information.
Alarms, errors, and events
  • See the Configuring Ethernet Interfaces chapter in the JunosE Physical Layer Configuration Guide.

Modified: 2015-07-24