OC3/STM1 ATM Single-Mode Intermediate Reach Without APS/MSP Redundancy Module Combination (256-MB Memory)

Line module labelOCx/STMx ATM or OCx/STMx /DS3-ATM
I/O module labelOC3-4 I/O
Number of I/O ports
  • 4
Software release
  • First supported: 5.0.0, 5.3.0 or a higher-numbered release
  • Final supported: Not applicable
  • 130 W
  • 256 MB of memory
  • The 128-MB version has reached end-of-life.
  • Unchannelized, concatenated OC3/STM1 for ATM
  • OC3/STM1
  • ATM/AAL5
Software features
  • See OCx/STMx ATM Modules for information about the layer 2 and layer 3 protocols and applications that this module combination supports.
Model compatibility
  • ERX7xx models
  • ERX14xx models
  • ERX310 router
SRP module compatibility
  • SRP-5G+
  • SRP-10G
  • SRP-40G
  • SRP-40G PLUS
  • SRP-SE10G
Module redundancy support
  • 1:N redundancy
  • NOTE: Line module redundancy is not supported on the ERX310 router.
Cables and connectors
  • SC full duplex
  • Tx power:
    • min: –15 dBm
    • max: –8 dBm
  • Center wavelength: 1310 nm
  • Rx input power:
    • min: –31 dBm
    • max: –8 dBm
  • Rated for 15 km (9.3 miles) of 9-micron core cable
  • See the Cabling ERX Routers chapter in the ERX Hardware Guide for more information.
Alarms, errors, and events
  • See Monitoring SONET/SDH Interfaces in the Configuring Unchannelized OCx/STMx Interfaces chapter of the JunosE Physical Layer Configuration Guide.