Resetting Line Modules and SRP Modules

Two recessed buttons on line modules and SRP modules provide the mechanisms for resetting. You can use the NMI software reset button to reset the software on the module and the module reset button to reset the module. See Figure 9.

If a line module fails to respond for an extended time, that module might have a software problem. You can depress the NMI software reset button with a paper clip to suspend the current software task. Depending on the situation, this action might also reset the software on the module.

If depressing the NMI software reset button fails to correct the issue with the line module, depress the module reset button to reboot the line module.

The buttons work in the same way for the SRP module. Depressing the module reset button on an SRP module is equivalent to rebooting the router and causes all the line modules to reboot.

If you configure the router to generate core dumps using the exception dump command in Global Configuration mode, and if sufficient space is available at the destination to which the core dump files are transferred (such as the local flash card if you used the local keyword with the exception dump command), depressing the NMI button causes a core dump file to be stored on the flash card. This method of generating core dump files is applicable for both SRP modules and line modules. You can use the show exception dump command to determine whether core dumps are generated for only SRP modules or line modules.