Replacing Fan Trays

A tray of cooling fans provides forced air cooling for components in the router. The fan tray is hot-swappable; you can replace it without powering down the system. However, if you do not replace the fan tray within 60 seconds, the system enters thermal protection mode in JunosE Release 14.2.x and earlier. In JunosE Release 14.3.x and later, the failure or removal of fans generates only log messages and does not initiate thermal protection mode. For information about thermal protection mode, see Monitoring Temperatures of Modules. You can monitor fan status by observing the LEDs on the SRP module or on the fan tray behind the faceplate. For complete LED information, see Understanding Status LEDs to Troubleshoot.

Note: On the SRP module or fan tray, if the red FAN FAIL LED is illuminated, either a critical or non-critical failure exists. Fan tray LEDs are located behind the fan tray bezel.

Caution: If the FAN FAIL LED on the SRP module is illuminated and none of the fans are spinning when you remove the fan tray, quickly power down the system until a new fan tray is available. Operating a router with inadequate air circulation can damage the modules.

Removing an E320 Fan Tray

To remove the fan tray:

  1. Place a flathead screwdriver in the groove where the top bezel meets the chassis on the top of the system, and lever the top bezel off the front of the system.
  2. With an appropriate screwdriver, loosen the captive screws located at the corners of the fan tray.

    Warning: Do not place your fingers near the fans when removing the fan tray. The blades might still be moving.

    Note: Loosen the top and bottom thumbscrews (using a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, if necessary)

  3. Pull the fan tray halfway out of the shelf until it stops on the safety catch.
  4. Pull both red safety handles upward while gripping the sides of the fan tray and pull the tray out slightly until the safety catch is released.
  5. Place one hand under the fan tray and the other on the front handle and continue to pull the fan tray out of the chassis.

    Use two hands to hold the fan tray after it comes out of the chassis.

Installing an E320 Fan Tray

To install the fan tray:

Caution: Do not use the fan tray handle to carry the fan tray assembly. Use the handle only to push the tray into the chassis.

  1. With two hands hold the tray horizontally or so that the captive screws point toward you and you can read text on the labels.
  2. Place the bottom corners of the tray housing in the fan tray compartment and push toward the back of the chassis until the tray stops.

    An electrical connector on the back of the fan tray pairs with an electrical connector at the back of the shelf.

  3. With an appropriate screwdriver, tighten the captive screws.

    Alternate between screws when tightening them to ensure that the electrical connectors at the back of the tray fit tightly.

    Caution: Do not overtighten the screws.

  4. Fold down the fan tray handle and push the top bezel back on the front of the system.