T3 Frame Module Combination (3 Ports)

Line module labelT3 FRAME
I/O module labelCT3/T3 I/O
Number of I/O ports
  • 3
Software release
  • First supported: 1.1.0
  • Final supported: 7.0.x
  • 60 W
  • Unchannelized T3 for Frame
  • Non-ASIC
  • DS3
  • Subrate DS3
  • HDLC framing
Software features
  • See ERX Module Guide, Appendix A, Module Protocol Support for information about the layer 2 and layer 3 protocols and applications that this module combination supports.
Model compatibility
  • ERX7xx models
  • ERX1410 router
SRP module compatibility
  • SRP-5G
  • SRP-5G+
  • SRP-10G
Module redundancy support
  • 1:N redundancy
Cables and connectors
  • BNC 75-ohm connector
  • The line interface unit supports two line buildouts:
    • 0–68.5 m (0–225 feet)
    • 69–137 m (226–450 feet)
  • Signal strength is software controlled.
  • The transmitted signal complies with ANSI T1.102-1993 Digital Hierarchy - Electrical Interfaces (1999) for cable lengths up to 201 m (660 feet).
  • See ERX Module Guide, Appendix B, Module LEDs.
Alarms, errors, and events
  • See Monitoring Interfaces in the Configuring T3 and E3 Interfaces chapter of the JunosE Physical Layer Configuration Guide for Release 8.0.x and earlier.