List of Tables

Table 1: Notice Icons
Table 2: Text and Syntax Conventions
Table 3: Grounding Jack Locations
Table 4: SRP Module Slot Assignments
Table 5: Module Slot Assignments
Table 6: Required Cables
Table 7: SRP I/O Ports
Table 8: Power Input Module Cables and Wires Needed
Table 9: Causes of Power Failures
Table 10: LED Identification and Activity Descriptions
Table 11: Normal Activity of Functional Status LEDS During Booting
Table 12: Troubleshooting Abnormal LED Activity on Modules
Table 13: Redundancy Status of a Line Module
Table 14: Troubleshooting High-Temperature Conditions
Table 15: ERX14xx Models Specifications
Table 16: ERX7xx Models Specifications
Table 17: ERX310 Router Specifications
Table 18: SRP I/O Module—RS-232 Serial Connector Pinout
Table 19: SRP I/O Module—RJ-45 Connector Pinout
Table 20: DB-9—RJ-45 Crossover Adapter Pinout
Table 21: DB-9—RJ-45 Straight-Through Adapter Pinout
Table 22: CT1/CE1 I/O Module—RJ-48C Connector Pinout
Table 23: Pinout of 50-Pin Telco Connector to Ports 0–9
Table 24: Pinout of 50-Pin Telco Connector to Ports 10–19