List of Figures

Figure 1: ERX14xx Models, Front View
Figure 2: ERX14xx Models, Rear View
Figure 3: ERX7xx Models, Front View
Figure 4: ERX7xx Models, Rear View
Figure 5: ERX310 Router, Front View (AC Model)
Figure 6: ERX310 Router, Rear View (AC Model)
Figure 7: ERX310 Router, Rear View (DC Model)
Figure 8: Modules in ERX14xx Models
Figure 9: SRP Module for ERX7xx and ERX14xx Models
Figure 10: SRP Module for ERX310 Router
Figure 11: Representative Line Module
Figure 12: Data Flow When a Spare Line Module Is Active
Figure 13: Removing an L-Bracket
Figure 14: ERX7xx Models, Rear View
Figure 15: ERX Routers Installed in Recommended Order
Figure 16: Orientation of Line Modules in ERX Routers
Figure 17: ERX1410 Slot Groups
Figure 18: ERX7xx Model Slot Groups
Figure 19: Connecting the Wrist Strap to the ERX310 Router (Rear)
Figure 20: Ejectors in the Open Position
Figure 21: Ejectors in the Closed Position
Figure 22: Installing a Redundancy Midplane
Figure 23: ERX Ports and Connectors (ERX14xx Model Shown)
Figure 24: SRP I/O Module for ERX14xx Models
Figure 25: SRP I/O Module for the ERX310 Router
Figure 26: Power Input Module for ERX14xx Models
Figure 27: ERX310 Router, Rear View (DC Model)
Figure 28: ERX310 Router, Rear View (AC model)
Figure 29: I/O Module with BNCs
Figure 30: HSSI I/O Module with 50-Pin HSSI Connector
Figure 31: I/O Module with RJ-45 Connector
Figure 32: I/O Module with RJ-48C Connectors
Figure 33: I/O Module with SC Full Duplex Connectors
Figure 34: I/O Module with SMB Connectors
Figure 35: X.21/V.35 Module with 50-Pin X.21/V.35 Connector
Figure 36: Management Ports for ERX Routers
Figure 37: NVS Card Slot on SRP Module
Figure 38: SODIMM Sockets on the SRP-5 and SRP-10 Module
Figure 39: SODIMM Sockets on the SRP-40 Module
Figure 40: Possible Release Mechanisms on the SFP
Figure 41: Example of SFP
Figure 42: Installing an SFP on a GE I/O Module
Figure 43: Fan Tray in ERX14xx Models
Figure 44: Fan Tray in ERX7xx Models
Figure 45: Fan Tray in ERX310 Router
Figure 46: Installing an Air Filter into an ERX14xx Router
Figure 47: Attaching a Cable Management Bracket
Figure 48: Power Input Module for ERX14xx Models
Figure 49: SRP Module LEDs
Figure 50: FE2 Module LEDs
Figure 51: E3 and T3 Module LEDs
Figure 52: ERX Routers Installed in a Rack
Figure 53: Airflow for ERX Routers
Figure 54: SRP I/O Module Serial Port
Figure 55: SRP I/O Module Ethernet Port
Figure 56: CT1 I/O Module Ports
Figure 57: CE1 I/O Module with Telco Connectors
Figure 58: Twenty-Port Balun Panel
Figure 59: Representative Module Serial Number ID Label