Upgrading JunosE Software

Release 5.1.1 or lower-numbered release support application images only up to 172 MB. Application images may be available remotely through Telnet or FTP, or may be delivered on a new NVS card. If you upgrade the JunosE Software using a new NVS card, we recommend you perform the upgrade in two stages: first to an intermediate release and then to the higher-numbered release you want to run. This restriction is not applicable if you upgrade your software remotely through Telnet or FTP.

To install larger application images for Release 6.0.0 and higher-numbered releases, you must first install Release 5.1.2 (or a higher-numbered 5.x.x release). This enables the system to support application images greater than 172 MB. For example, if you are upgrading the software using a new NVS card, you cannot go from Release 5.1.1 to Release 7.2.0 without first upgrading to Release 5.1.2.

See the following table for compatibility of releases.

JunosE ReleaseHighest Release Able to LoadCannot LoadMaximum Application Image

5.1.1 or lower-numbered release

5.3.5p0-2 or the highest-numbered 5.x.x release

6.x.x or higher-numbered release

~172 MB

5.1.2 or higher-numbered release

No limitation

Not applicable

~234 MB

7.2.0 or higher-numbered release

No limitation

Not applicable

~256 MB

For more detailed information on installing software, and about NVS cards and SRP modules, see: