Installing an Air Filter

Air filters are hot-swappable; you do not have to power down the system to replace the filter. The filter is located behind the fan tray bezel located at the bottom of the front of the system. Remove the bezel to access the air filter. See Figure 30.

Caution: Regularly inspect the air filter. A dirty air filter restricts the air intake in the chassis, thereby disrupting the airflow in the chassis and increasing the operating temperature. Higher operating temperatures in the chassis can damage the hardware components. You must replace the filter every six months or sooner if needed.

Figure 30: Installing an Air Filter into an E320 Router

Installing an Air Filter into
an E320 Router

To install a new air filter or to remove and replace an existing air filter:

  1. Ground yourself by using an antistatic wrist strap or other device and connect it to one of the ESD grounding jacks.
  2. Remove the front bezel by grabbing the edges and pulling straight out toward you.
  3. Unscrew the two captive screws on the air filter door and swing the door down to open it.
  4. Remove the old air filter (if present).
  5. Insert the new filter by sliding it in on the shelf guides. Be sure the mesh side is facing up.
  6. Close the door, tighten the captive screws, and snap the bezel on.

    Caution: Do not overtighten the screws.

For information about maintaining an air filter, see Maintaining an Air Filter.