Freestanding Installation

When installing the system on a table top or in any other freestanding mode, be sure to leave enough space around the system for adequate ventilation. Position the router with easy access to the connections that it needs for power, local communications, and remote communications.

See Installation Guidelines and Requirements, and System Specifications, for more information.

Warning: Two people are required to lift the router.

Caution: To prevent electrostatic damage to the system and its components, make sure persons handling the router wear an antistatic device.

Connectors are located on the IOAs, SRP IOA, and the power distribution unit (PDU). These modules are installed from the rear of the router (Figure 10 and Figure 11). See Cabling the Router for cabling installation procedures.

Figure 10: E320 Router, Rear View

E320 Router, Rear

Figure 11: E120 Router, Rear View

E120 Router, Rear View