System Description

E Series routers are modular, carrier-class networking devices that deliver performance, reliability, and service differentiation to both enterprise and residential Internet users. The E120 router and E320 router are next-generation, high-capacity additions to the E Series product family offering high-port density and high bandwidth in a fully redundant system, supporting evolving IP-based broadband services. The E120 router supports the same services as the E320 router, but with smaller capacity and scaling capabilities for smaller configurations.

The routers utilize the same JunosE™ Software architecture and provide a single IP entry point into the service provider network with the same IP-based protocols and services that are available on existing E Series products. They address a wide range of edge applications, including subscriber management (including 802.11 hotspots), video on demand, Voice over IP (VoIP), Metro Ethernet, customer circuit aggregation, virtual private networks (VPNs), and wholesale services.

E Series routers offer the complete edge solution for IP-optimized carriers.