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Diagnosing Problems

The information in this chapter can help you identify problems by observing diagnostic signs. Your initial response to a system problem should be to check power connections, observe the system's LEDs carefully, and check cable connections on the system modules.

If a problem is beyond the scope of this chapter, refer to Appendix F, Customer Service for instructions.

Power Failure

When you power up the system and it does not respond normally, refer to the troubleshooting suggestions in Table 8-1.

LED Activity

Module LEDs can show you the immediate status of a module and alert you to a problem with the module or one of its ports. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with LED activity so that you can easily detect and correct a module-related problem with minimal or no system downtime. See Table 8-2 and Table 8-3 for specific information on normal LED activity. See Table 8-4 for specific information on troubleshooting abnormal LED activity.

Module Cables

See Chapter 4, Cabling the ERX System, for information about cabling modules.

Initialization Sequence

Each ERX line module is initialized independently. As a result, the CLI on the SRP module may become available before the line modules have completed initialization. Commands relating to a line module may fail if the module has not completed initialization. The show version command can be used to display line module status. Do not enter commands for a line module until its state is "online."

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