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Protecting Modules and Slots

To protect the modules and slots, observe the following guidelines when installing modules:

When handling modules, use an antistatic wrist strap connected to the ERX system's ESD grounding jack. This action helps to protect the module from damage by electrostatic discharge.

On the ERX-1400 series, the grounding jacks are inside the front bezel in the lower-left area of the front of the chassis (Figure 3-4) and in the upper-right corner on the rear of the chassis. On the ERX-700 series, the grounding jack is in the lower-right corner on the rear of the chassis.

Caution: Always handle the module by its edges. Do not touch the components, pins, leads, or solder connections.

Caution: Be sure to cover every empty slot with a blank faceplate to protect the system from dust or other foreign substances and to ensure proper system cooling.

Figure 3-4 Connecting the wrist strap to the ERX-1400 series (front)

Order of Installation

Before you attempt to install or replace a module (inserted in the front of the chassis), the corresponding I/O module (inserted in the rear of the chassis) should already be in place. The system diagnostics run when a module is installed in a chassis slot. If the corresponding I/O module is not present, the diagnostics fail, and you need to remove and reinsert the module.

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