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Rack-Mounted Installation

We recommend that you use a standard EIA distribution rack. Refer to Rack Requirements in Appendix A, Preparing Your Site, for detailed rack information. Before installing the systems in the rack, consider the following guidelines:

Installing multiple systems in a single rack allows you to maximize your available space. An ERX-1400 series system has a plenum that allows air to circulate between systems.

If you install an ERX-700 series system above an ERX-1400 series system in the same rack, you must install a plenum between the ERX-700 series system and the ERX-1400 series system so that the air can circulate between the systems. See Figure 2-6. This plenum is available from Juniper Networks.

If you install an ERX-1400 series system above an ERX-700 series system, there is no need to install a plenum between the units because the ERX-1400 series system has one at its base.

Safety Guidelines

Observe the following safety guidelines when mounting the system in a rack.

Rack Installation Warning: Install equipment in the rack from the bottom upward. This will maintain the stability of the rack and reduce the chance of the rack's tipping over.

Heavy Equipment Warning: Three people are required to install the ERX system in a rack: two to lift the system into position and one to screw it to the rack. The system is extremely heavy.

Branch Circuit Warning: Evaluate the overall loading of the branch circuit before you install any equipment into a rack.

Ground (Earth) Warning:
Connect the ERX system or rack to ground (earth), and ensure that a reliable grounding path is maintained in the rack.

Lightning Activity Warning: Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during lightning activity.

DC Power Disconnection Warning: Before powering on the ERX system, remove power from the DC circuit by deactivating the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit.

Servicing Unit Warning: Before servicing the ERX system, turn off the power.

Jewelry Removal Warning: Remove jewelry (including rings, necklaces, and watches) before working on equipment that is connected to power lines. Metal objects heat up when connected to power and ground and can cause serious burns or become welded to the terminals.

Metal Objects Warning: Do not insert any metal object, such as a screwdriver, into an open slot or the backplane. Doing so may cause electric shock and serious burns.


To complete the installation of the system in a rack, you need:

Warning: Three people are required to install the ERX system in a rack: two to lift the system into position and one to screw it to the rack. The system is extremely heavy.

To install the system in the rack:

  1. On the rack, identify and mark the holes that you want to use for mounting the system.
  2. One person should stand on the left side of the system, and another should stand on the right side.
  3. Grasp the lower back of the unit with one hand and the lower front of the unit (see Figure 2-4) with the other hand.
  4. Bend your knees and carefully lift the unit into position in the rack.
  5. With the help of the third person, align the holes in the system's flanges with the holes in the rack, and hold the system in position.
  6. Starting at the bottom, the third person should screw the flange on each side of the system into the four holes on each side of the rack.
  7. Connect the necessary cables (see Chapter 4, Cabling the ERX System, for instructions on installing the cables).

Figure 2-6 illustrates a distribution rack with one ERX-1410 system and two ERX-700 systems installed.

Figure 2-6 Rack with ERX-700 systems and an ERX-1410 system

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