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Network Management Tools    

You can use different management tools to configure the system to meet the specific networking requirements.

CLI Management

The CLI provides fully developed and automated configuration and status functionality through a local RS-232 port, an Ethernet connection, or Telnet via any reachable network. For a full discussion of the CLI, see ERX System Basics Configuration Guide, Chapter 2, Command Line Interface.

SNMP MIB Management

The system offers a complete SNMP interface for configuration, status, and alarm reporting. The system supports both Standard and Enterprise MIBs (Management Information Bases). The Juniper Networks ERX Enterprise MIB is ASN.1 notated for easy importing into third-party SNMP management applications. For more information, see ERX System Basics Configuration Guide, Chapter 3, Configuring SNMP.

NMC-RX Device Management System

The NMX-RX application provides a global method of managing all edge routers, line modules, and ports.

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